Gallery 2: With authors, spiritual teachers and mystics Gautam met on his spiritual journey

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With Pir Baba Shafi in Kashmir

With Sant Dharmananda, direct disciple of Swami Rama

With Ashishbhai of Gagangiri Maharaj Ashram, Khopoli

With Alan Jacobs, Pres. of Sri Ramana Maharshi Found., UK, and Jane Adams, illustrator of ‘The Sacred India Tarot’

With Rohit Arya, creator of ‘The Sacred India Tarot’

With Surya Swami at Gautam’s residence

With Yogiraj Gurunath, Kriya Yoga master and author of ‘Babaji – The Lightning Standing Still’

With Chaitan Balsekar (brother of Ramesh Balsekar), author of ‘Dream of Consciousness’

With Master Charles Cannon, President of the Synchronicity Foundation, USA

With Nan Umrigar, author of ‘Sounds of Silence’

With Mooji, spiritual teacher and author of ‘Breath of the Absolute’ and ‘Writing on Water’

With Tony Parsons, spiritual teacher and author of ‘The Open Secret’ and ‘As It Is’

The first copy of ‘The End of Separation’ being presented to Dada Vaswani – the revered spiritual leader