Sea Of Calm


Sea Of Calm written by Gautam sachdeva

This book comprises questions and answers culled from talks given by Gautam Sachdeva at his residence in Mumbai and other locations, as well as his answers to emails.

The reader will find that Gautam constantly directs all answers to ‘peace of mind’ in daily living. The message is always the same, as the teaching is a reflection of the Buddha’s famous words: ‘Samsara is dukkha (misery), Nirvana is shanti (peace).’

Gautam spent over nine years in close association with renowned Advaita sage Ramesh Balsekar, also assisting him with the editing and publishing of some of his books. Ramesh’s guru was Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, whose famed book I Am That is considered a modern spiritual classic. With the blessings of Ramesh, Gautam went on to write books based on his experience with the teaching. Gautam’s books as well as his talks display a rare combination of humility and simplicity.