Guidelines for attending talks: It is preferred that you are familiar with some of Gautam’s books or videos, before attending the talks. The teachings are based on the Indian philosophy of Advaita (non-duality). They are not to be understood as a substitute for any kind of medical diagnosis or treatment. There is no registration process or fee. Contributions are welcome. See Support the Teaching

Currently, meetings take place around twice a month on Sunday mornings, at Gautam’s residence in South Mumbai. Gautam also gives a talk on Zoom, once a month. If you wish to be informed of these meetings, please join the Mailing List or WhatsApp group. You will receive Gautam’s address via email or WhatsApp.

The talks which are recorded are also uploaded on YouTube.

Retreats/Talks outside Mumbai: If you would like to organise a talk in your city, you may send us a message.

Calendar: Please click on event name to see the event details.

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