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Good evening everyone!


Today I would like to share with you the books of Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj that have impacted me.


I must say I have not been able to read all the books I would love to have. But they are not easily available for some reason. But those who are drawn to Nisargadatta Maharaj’s teachings, to these teachings in fact, they will see the voice, the voice of the teaching coming through Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj and then onwards, through the stream of consciousness so to speak. The message is the same. The presentation varies. But the core teachings are pristine in their purity. 


The book that I have by my bedside for many years is called The Master of Self Realisation- an ultimate understanding. This is quite a thick book and there are sections. The first which is The Master Key to Self Realisation is a small section, a bit abstract, perhaps not easy to get through and but thereafter begins Master of Self Realisation- volume 1  onwards, which is a real treasure and a treat.

 For those wanting to know about Siddha Rameshwar Ji’s teachings, this book is like perhaps Talks with Ramana Maharshi or I AM THAT of Mahraj. It has the depth and scope to cover all the various aspects of the teaching. 


Thereafter, a small book which really impacted me is called The Ultimate Accomplishment- the teachings of Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj. I would highly recommend this to everyone. 

I also read a book called Amrut Laya- the stateless state. This book comprises discourses on Dasbodh by Samarth Raamdaas. Dasbodh is a work by a 17th century master Sant Shri Samarth Ramdas and in fact there is a book in english based on Samarth Ramdas’ teachings in the Dasbodh, it is called Dasbodh- spiritual instruction for the servant. I highly recommend Dasbodh. It clearly influenced Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj so much that he gave discourses on this book, on Samarth Raamdaas’ works. So, Amrut Laya, once again is discourses on DasBodh by Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj and again for someone who resonates with the teaching. They are pearls of wisdom here. You might find it a bit abstract. It may not be as easy to read as what we read today, because times change, language changes, culture undergoes transformation. But I thoroughly enjoyed Amrut Laya. 


And two more books, one is Master of Self Without Self which is the biography of Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj. Master of Self Without Self which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and it covers very beautiful aspects of how Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj shared the teaching across india and it also covers his final days, most touching and for those who are familiar with his samadhi at Banganga, South Mumbai, there is also mention of his funeral, the funeral pyre being lit in very dramatic weather conditions and I was quite moved by this book.

Last but not the least is a very slim booklet, which I have with me now, which is all of 22 pages that are too small sized, called Golden Day. if you can get your hands on this booklet then do consider it a blessing. When we open it inside it says, ‘golden days: or perfection of material science preached by His Holiness, Sri Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj’. I was quite moved by this small yet precious diamond of a booklet.


Along with these books, somehow is a book not connected to Samarth Raamdaas or Sri Siddha Rameshwar Maharaj, but I feel like mentioning it now. It is The Genius of Gyaneshwar, an english translation of his renderings on the Gita. This is by a doctor, Dr Ravin Thatte and those who are familiar with Gyaneshwar and his teachings, this is the closest we can get to understanding it in english. A very genuine attempt has been made in the translation which is so thoroughly enjoyable, so beautiful. Again this is a voluminous book close to a 1000 pages maybe. But it is a delight. 


I would like to read out some verses that I would have never been exposed to if it wasn’t for this beautiful english translation,


The spring came and the garden came into a bloom

 but it went its way, never asking a price for the change it groomed.

This next one, on a wise man. 


This man is aloof and serene 

Smoke might rise however high 

It cannot touch or stain the sky.


I would like to read out one more. This is on simplicity and open heartedness.


The sun shines equal for all,

Space welcomes whomever that comes to call,

His mind is the same for one and all. 

The world he knows from beginning to end,

As if it is his bosom friend.

Like the child tells all to its beloved mother, 

And opens its heart without a bother.

Fragrance once released you cannot impound,

His heart is open and cannot be bound.

He plans nothing, no schemes up his sleeve,

Not stuck to nothing, nor begging for his leaves. 


So, yes I would highly recommend this book that if you get your hands on it. 

These are all the great saints and sages of Maharashtra in India. There are more of course, many more. But this is what comes together and I do hope you gain as much insight, wisdom and peace from these books as I did. 


Thank you.


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