The World’s Best Astrologer

The World’s Best Astrologer - Gautam Sachdeva

World’s Best Astrologer

I am the world’s best astrologer
All that I say comes true
It’s bound to happen in your life
So here is my reading for you


What the next moment brings
You will never ever know
Pleasure or pain, joy or sorrow
Up ‘n’ down life’s roller coaster you will go


Some people will love you
While others you love won’t
Sometimes you’ll get what you want
But most other times you won’t


Bad things seem to happen one after another
The good ones happen now and then
You wonder why bad things happen to good people
For surely they don’t deserve them


You’ll wonder how a friend bought a swanky car
Though he didn’t work half as hard as you did
You’ll wish you’d said some words you didn’t
And wish you hadn’t those which you did


You’ll wish your loved ones didn’t say
Some of the things that they did
And some of the things they wouldn’t say
You truly wished they did !


You’ll lose some people you loved
But what of those you really didn’t?
You’ll miss those you dearly cherished
But spare a thought for those you didn’t


Some friends won’t always live up to expectations
And you may not live up to theirs as well
Thoughts of your mortality will keep arising
But in the runaround of daily living they will get quelled


Your concerns will be about health and wealth
For which I have a better cure
Just think for a moment you have no ‘body’
And your worries will be over for sure


No ‘body’ to hate some ‘body’
No ‘body’ to keep you bound
No ‘body’ to separate you from some ‘body’
No ‘body’ to move around

No ‘body’ whose health to worry about
No ‘body’ whose needs to be met
No ‘body’ to call ‘mine’ own
And then your life will be better set


After all, it’s not all about the ‘body’
We realize that we are all here to find
That most elusive treasure of all
Which is called ‘peace of mind’


As you grow older, you will have seen
Happy or sad times don’t seem to last
‘Sic Transit Gloria Mundi…’
Even the glory of the world shall pass


The passing years will help you realize
That the best laid plans often get derailed
You have now learnt the secret of the universe
That God’s Will always prevails


With this understanding comes
Peace of mind in daily living
An acceptance of ‘what is’
While the clock of time goes on ticking


You’ll finally sit back and wonder
‘How did I go through all that I did?’
And you realize you weren’t living your life
That instead you were being lived!


Success and failure, joy and sorrow
Through all of life’s dualities
You simply kept flowing
Like a river between life’s polarities


You ultimately reach the ocean
Then there’s nowhere else to go
For now you have reached ‘home’
And you need strive no more


No more do you have to search
For now you are at rest
Peace has come over you now
While life had seemed such a test


Peace is our ultimate destiny
And thank God we must
For in deep sleep we meet it
When all problems turn to dust


Peace is man’s eternal quest
The birthright that is his
And get it he does when he realizes
‘Consciousness is all there is.’


Consciousness is the producer and director
It is the actor and the audience as well
We are instruments through which It functions
May you truly grasp this well


When we are seen for what we truly are
Without the façade of form and name
Then hatred, guilt, jealousy and pride won’t arise
And nor will feelings of shame


The same Consciousness functions
Through each and every one
When this understanding cuts through like a knife
It sunders all knots of ill-will at once


When you start living with this understanding
That Consciousness abides in you and me
Then interactions will become meaningful
How much simpler could life be?


For no one truly ‘does’ anything
It is all the Will of the Source
We are only instruments animated
By the One Divine Force


The future won’t frighten you any more
Nor will the past haunt you like before
With the total acceptance of ‘what is’
Life will become simpler for sure


All doubts of ‘what could have been’
Will disappear without a trace
The planets won’t rule over you
For bestowed on you will be Divine Grace


Then on your knees down will you go
Thanking God that all is fine
Moreso when you think of millions suffering
Who are living below the poverty-line


I am the world’s best astrologer
For whatever I say comes true,
Although, I am God’s messenger,
I am simply an instrument – just like you


The only message I have for you
Is the one I get from high above
To transcend all obstacles
All you have to be is ‘Love’


For love is your true nature,
Nothing more by you need be ‘done’
With this attitude in daily living,
All battles will be over before they’ve begun


Glory be to Consciousness,
That is the One Source
Be still and know this eternal Truth:
Consciousness – true Love – is the Supreme Force


This poem is from the book The End of Separation, by Gautam Sachdeva